London born and bred Jun Keung Cheung is known by friends and colleagues as JC. After finishing a foundation at Central Saint Martins he did a stint of youth work before travelling around Europe and the United States. He went on to study (film) photography in Cardiff and Vancouver from which he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. After a brief time sparking and camera assisting he began shooting shorts, corporates, music videos, features, documentaries and commercials. Since then, his award winning work has been selected for over 100 International Film Festivals.

Between work he has been known to Tango, bake cheesecake and enjoy a lovely Pomerol. He is fluent in English, Cantonese and basic Mandarin.

And he adores The Breeders.

JC also founded the organic skincare company Queenie Organics and continues to develop the brand when he is not shooting.

JC is represented by Rob Little at Intrinsic. He is also part of the Abu Dhabi Film Commision list of DOPs.



"The first act, with little speech, manages to convey Qi’an’s social and emotional isolation in London expertly through wide shots and the cold colour palette. The expansive shots of the manor house itself are reminiscent of Zhang Yimou’s depiction of the Raise the Red Lantern mansion...(the) cinematography give the movie a creepy feel somewhat reminiscent of The Shining"

Zoe Crombie @Film Inquiry, Jun 2018.

"...the film is gorgeous to look at..."

Nick Rocco Scalia @ Film Threat, Jun 2018.

"What Susu does best is set the mood. Yixi Sun and cinematographer Jun Keung Cheung craft a lovely picture, capturing the pastoral countryside and the sprawling mansion. Full of striking imagery—including an early shot of Susu hanging herself with spools of celluloid that sticks with you—this is all about tone and atmosphere..."

Brent McKnight @thelastthingisee, Jun 2018

"'Susu' is a very slow-burning gothic style dramatic horror film that is beautifully shot. There is a wonderful, creepy aesthetic throughout the movie that makes it visually compelling. It takes place in an old-timey English mansion full of interesting architecture, obscure paintings, and small artistic details. It's a nice film to look at, and it's obvious that director Yixi Sun had a specific vision that she and cinematographer Jun Keung Cheung managed to capture well"

Lolo loves films, Sept 2018


"Dead Cat is a sweet and engaging film... The most noteworthy aspect being the warm,
nostalgic looking cinematography. DOP Jun Keung Cheung is definitely one to watch"

Siobhan Callas@ Britflicks, Jun 2013


"Telling a post apocalyptic story of survival in the wake of a viral outbreak, the film is
commendable for the gorgeous cinematography..."

Francesco Cerniglia on 'Remission' @ Candid Magazine, Jul 2015