JC's has worked on a broad spectrum of projects and whose work has been selected for over 100 International Film Festivals including Tribeca, London, Edinburgh, Beijing and Seattle. In 2013, the independent feature, 'Dead Cat' directed by Stefan Georgiou, garnered many awards including Best Film at the 2013 Southampton International Film Festival and the Golden Lion at the British Independent Film Festival. It was also long listed for Outstanding British Debut at BAFTA and won the LOCO Discovery Feature Award. In the same year, daillies for documentary, 'The UK Gold' (director: Mark Donne) opened the East End Film Festival and won Best Documetary. In 2016 for 'Humanities Heart' he worked on location in refugee camps in Calais, Lebanon and Greece highlighting one of the most imporatant crisis of our times. In 2015, again with Director Stefan Georgiou, the short film, Sexlife was the only British short selected for Tribeca and had also been selected for Leeds and the London Short Film Festival (amongst others). Short films with Director Christohper R Brown include 'Soap'and 'Remission', which is distributed by Peccadillo Films (Boys On Film 13). Other features include 2nd unit Additional Photography for 'Paddington' (Heyday Films) and main unit for Chinese/UK co production, 'Susu' which has been selected for Montreal, Beijing, Auckland, The East End and Seattle International Film Festivals. In TV drama he has shot pilots, 'Overcommitted' with Stefan Georgiou for Soda Pictures (now Thunderbird) and 'Conrete Heads' with Finola Geraghty (and writers Gavin and Gavin). He is represented in the UK by Rob Little at Intrinsic.


"The first act, with little speech, manages to convey Qi’an’s social and emotional isolation in London expertly through wide shots and the cold colour palette. The expansive shots of the manor house itself are reminiscent of Zhang Yimou’s depiction of the Raise the Red Lantern mansion...(the) cinematography give the movie a creepy feel somewhat reminiscent of The Shining"
Zoe Crombie @Film Inquiry

"...the film is gorgeous to look at..."
Nick Rocco Scalia @ Film Threat

"What Susu does best is set the mood. Yixi Sun and cinematographer Jun Keung Cheung craft a lovely picture, capturing the pastoral countryside and the sprawling mansion. Full of striking imagery—including an early shot of Susu hanging herself with spools of celluloid that sticks with you—this is all about tone and atmosphere..."
Brent McKnight @thelastthingisee

"'Susu' is a very slow-burning gothic style dramatic horror film that is beautifully shot. There is a wonderful, creepy aesthetic throughout the movie that makes it visually compelling... It's a nice film to look at, and it's obvious that director Yixi Sun had a specific vision that she and cinematographer Jun Keung Cheung managed to capture well"
Lolo loves films, Sept 2018

"Dead Cat is a sweet and engaging film... The most noteworthy aspect being the warm, nostalgic looking cinematography. DOP Jun Keung Cheung is definitely one to watch"
Siobhan Callas@ Britflicks

"Telling a post apocalyptic story of survival in the wake of a viral outbreak, the film is commendable for the gorgeous cinematography..."
Francesco Cerniglia on 'Remission' @ Candid Magazine


Medea (post production) (5D)   Anthony Paraskeva/Dromos Films 2018
Susu (Alexa)   Yixi Sun/Norman J Warren/ FC The Movie 2017
Paddington (2nd unit Additional Photography and VFX elements) (Alexa)
main unit DoP: Erik Wilson
  Paul King/Heyday Films/Studio Canal 2014
Hedar Gabler (Additional Photography) (Red Epic)
main unit DoP: Kristen Griffen
  Halle Hadji/Matthew John Productions 2015
1st unit Director: Matthew John
Dead Cat (RED One)
WINNER: Best Film, Best Narrative Feature, Best Hair and Make Up and Best Supporting Actor at Southampton Film Festival
WINNER: Golden Lion, Best Actress and Best Music at British Independent Film Festival
WINNER: Best Music and Honourable Mention at Oaxaca Film Festival
WINNER of the 2013 LOCO Discovery Feature Award
Long listed for BAFTA Outstanding British Debut 2013
  Stefan Georgiou/Dead Cat LTD 2013
Second Last Land (s16mm)   Thomas Nerling/Second Last Land 2013
The Shadow (DVCam)   Steve Rehman/Kulture Vulture Productions 2010
Catalina: A New Kind of Superhero (HDCam)   Kenneth D.Barker/Water Under the Rock 2009
Horace K48 (Digibeta)   Christopher Hutchins/Petrolhead Films 2013
Stop 731 (s16mm)   Aidan Wood/Whiplash Films 2002
Kissy Kissy (as camera operator dallies) (35mm)   Michael Spencer/Pericles Entertainment 2002
Rockabilly Kids   Lawrence Blythe/ FKC London
Intel RealSense 3D Camera with Lenova   Tom Bogda/HMX Media
Vamousse/Sheriff   Mark Jackson/FKC London
Casino UK   Joe Morris/Pace Media
Guinness/Ad Takeover/Jonathan Ross   Wayne Yip/Aegis Bright/Carrot
Durex/Ping Pong (spec)   Pete Williams/Stay Gold Studios
Shams 1 Inauguguration (high end corporate)   Enilio Farina/Alchemy Films
Vernon's Bingo   Joe Morris/Pace Media
Jackpot City   Joe Morris/Pace Media
Shrek The Musical/Airport Promotional LCD screen   AKA/Dreamworks Theatrical
Cuckoo In The Nest/Amazon (viral)   Hodder and Soughton
6x Lights, Camera, Bingo Idents/ITV High Stakes   Joe Morris/Pace Media
Lights, Camera, Bingo/Lights, Camera, Bingo   Joe Morris/Pace Media
Kriss Soonik/Desperate Mousewife (viral)   Kaire Russ/Truck Productions
Just Refunds/Just Refunds   Joe Morris/Pace Media
Ergoflex/Beauty Sleep (viral)   Jason Le Motte/J6 Films
10x Sit Up TV product infomercials   Steve Rehman/Sit Up TV
Smoke Fairies/Blood Speaks   Mark Donne/Brass Moustache/V2 Records
TOY/Heart Skips A Beat   Joe Morris/Brass Moustache/Heavenly Recordings
Lawrence Fox/Go Be Damned   Wayne Yip/James Barnes Music
TOY/Make It Mine   Joe Morris/Brass Moustache/Heavenly Recordings
Bleech/Break My Nose   Ben Kent/Fidget Films/NoHoverBoarding
Verena Roth/A Simple Love Song   Gilbert Nash
Lucy Tipler/Runaway   Linzy Attenborough/Thought Juice Films
Junior Boys/Banana Ripple   Rollo Jackson/Domino Records
Bearsuit/Please Don't Take Him Back   Jun Keung Cheung/Zhang
Allo Darlin/Polaroid   Jun Keung Cheung/Zhang
Juvelen/Watch Your Step   Karin Hoffstedt/Polzerhoffstedt
Kash/My Heart Goes   Karin Hoffstedt/Polzerhoffstedt
Ollie Green/Girl in the Club   Daniel Petiafo/F2R Films
Scandalous ft. Alyssia   Lorraine Ffrench/F2R Films
Alyssia/Tera Pyar Soneya Yeh   Lorraine Ffrench/F2R Films
Andy Spikes/Happy Song   Nigel Steer/Purple Media
Professor Green/Running to the Exit   Ben Peters/Luti Media
Charlie Marsh/In the End   Adam Lieber/Loaf Recordings
The Concretes/Kids- Edinburgh IFF 2007   David Mullet/Agile Films
Felon/Is it Worth It?   Ben Peters/F2R Films
Lucky Soul/Add Your Light to Mine- London LFF 2007   David Mullet/Ruffa Lane
Trencher/Mouth to Anus   Adam Lieber/Southern Records
Distophia/The Children Know the Score   Matt Oliver/Neccessary Records
Distophia/Joanne   Matt Oliver/Neccessary Records
The Architect/The Northern Ballet   Stephan Lally
The Journey To Certainty (as Camera Op)   Mohamed Diab/Tarmak Media
BBC Comedy / Man UTD Vs Little Girls   Andrew Gaynord/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Radiohead Fan Speaks Out   Andrew Gaynord/BBC
BBC Comedy / Homemade Festival   Andrew Gaynord/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Weird Day at Work   Andrew Gaynord/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Broken English   Joe Grace/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Fish or Chips   Andrew Gaynord/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Secret Santa   Andrew Gaynord/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Hand Cream Fail   Spencer Brown/BBC/Eyeworks
BBC Comedy / Angel   Andrew Gaynord/BBC/Eyeworks
Scott Free Films / Cleaner   Joon Goh/Scott Free Films
On/Off TV / Interview with Alison Mosshart   Cher Brighton/The Allotment
Channel Four/Strummerville Sessions (Camera Op)   Donn Letts/Brassworks TV/Channel 4
Interview- Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz   Dzien Dobry Polska
Interview- The Sugar Babes   Dzien Dobry Polska
Humanities Heart   Tazeen Ahmed
The UK Gold (dailies)
WINNER- Best Documentary (East End FF)
  Mark Donne/Brass Moustache
Abandoned, Adopted (dailies)   Lucy Sheen
The Good Reactor (dailies)   Freddie Fenton/Sector 7G
Fluid Piano (dailies)   Rafael Lewandowski/Eureka Media
Notes From The Underground   Lukas Demgenski
Aylesbury Composite   Robb Horsley/Film London/Lewisham Film Fund
Open Heart   Claire Fowler/Palestinian Children's Relief Fund
Behind The Dunes of Little Terrorist   Johnny Burke/Alipur Fiilms
Soap (Black Magic Pocket)   Christopher Brown
Sex Life (Alexa/Anamorphic)   Stefan Georgiou/Chasing The Bear Films
Falcon (35mm Anamorphic)   Jun Keung Cheung/Bus Strike Productions
Remission (Alexa)   Christopher Brown/Presch Productions
Clockwork Man (HDSLR)   Ben Kent/Fidget Films/Blue Owl Pictures
Into The Silent Land (S16mm)   Jean Hogg/Campbell Cloud Films
Why? (HD)   Jean Hogg/Campbell Cloud Films
Sunday (HD)   Joon Goh
The Good Muslim (HD)   Robert Cranbinus/Concept Film
Commentary (HD)   Robert Cranbinus/Concept Film
Reconcilliation (S16mm)   Thomas Nerling/Second Last Land
Breaking Waves (Red One)   David Beazley
Gone Far Away (HD)   Jean Hogg/Campbell Cloud Films
Florid (HD)   James Baxter/21st Century Media
Escaping Ornsay (35mm Anamorphic)   David Mullet/Royal College of Art
Thoughts of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow (S16mm)   Harjinder Grewel/Southall Film Fund
Host (S16mm)   Jack McNamara/London Film School
Then a Cloud Passed (DVCam)   Jean Hogg/Campbell Cloud Films
Be Me (35mm)   Farhan Qureshi


2018 Cardiff International Film Festival
2018 San Diego International Film Festival
2018 Seattle International Film Festival
2018 Aukland International Film Festival
2018 East End Film Festival
2018 Beijing International Film Festival
2017 Montreal INternational Film Festival

- Nominated- First Films World   Competition

  DEAD CAT 2013 British Independent Film Festival

2013 The Empire Leicester Square- London
2013 The Cameo- Edinburgh
2013 The Luxe Cinema, Cambridgeshire
2013 Helmsly Arts Centre- Helmsley
2013 The Kinema in the Woods
2013 The Savoy Cinema Workshop
2013 Malvern Theatre- Worcestershire
2013 University of Kent Gulbenkian- Canterbury
2013 The Tricycle Theatre- London
2013 Essex Electric Palace- Harwich

- Winner - Best Actress, Sophia   Dawnay
- Winner - Best Music for Mon River
- Winner - Golden Lion
- Nominated- Best Actor. Sebastian   Armesto
- Nominated- Best Film

    2013 Southampton International Film Festival - Winner - Film of the Festival
- Winner - Best Narrative feature
- Winner - Best Supporting Actor, Tom   Mison
- Winner - Best Hair and Make Up,   Susan Ahern
    2013 Oaxaca Film Festival (Mexico) - Winner - Best Music
- Winner - Honorary Mention- Stefan   Georgiou
    2013 Cyprus International Film Festival - Winner - Nostimon Imar
    2013 London Independent Film Festival  
    2013 Cambridge Film Festival  
    2013 Indie Spirit Film Festival (Colorado          Springs)  
    2013 Naples International Film Festival (Florida)  
      - Winner - Best of Show@ Indie Fest
      - Winner - LOCO Disocovery Feature   award
      - Winner - Long listed out of 23 for   Outstanding British Debut at BAFTA
    2011 London Film Focus event @BFI  
    2015 Washington Film Festival  
    2015 Aesthetica Short Film Festival  
    2015 Bestival  
    2015 Milwaukee International Film Festival  
    2015 Cambridge Film Festival In Competition
    2015 Encounters Film Festival  
    2015 Guanajuato International Film Festival  
    2015 Tribeca Film Festival  
    2015 London Short Film Festival  
    2015 FilmFest Emden  
    2015 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival  
    2014 Leeds International Film Festival  
  SOAP 2015 New Jersey Film Festival- opening gala  
    2015 Vancouver International Film Festival  
  FALCON 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival  
  REMISSION 2014 Athens International Film Festival (Ohio, U.S.). Screened prior to feature film 'Koinonia'.  
    2014 Cardiff  
    Distributed through Piccadillo Films DVD, 'Boys on Film 13 (2015)  
  INTO THE SILENT LAND 2012 Canne in a Van - Nominated - Best Director @Van D'or   awards
    2012 Underwire Film Festival - Nominated - Best Producer
      - Award of Merit from IndieFest America
    2012 Aesthetica Short Film Festival  
  THE GOOD MUSLIM 2010 Canadian International Film & Video          Festival  
    2009 Festival of Nations, Austria - Winner - Silver Bear
    2009 WorldFest Houston- - Winner- Gold Award- Director
    2009 Accalode competition- - Winner- Award of Merit
    2009 Ghent International Film Festival - Nominated - for Best European Short   Film
  COMMENTARY 2010 St Petersburg Open Cinema - Winner - Audience Award
    2009 Warsaw Film Festival  
    2009 Flanders Film Festival  
    2009 Vienale- Vienna International Film Festival  
    2009 Diagonale  
    2009 Cinequest  
    2009 ISAFF Open Cinema, St Petersburg
    2009 Malta International Film Festival  
    2009 Festival De Cine Internationale De           Barcelona  
    2009 Filmini International Short Film Festival,          Sofia Bulgaria  
    2009 New VisionInternational Short Film Festival,          Kiev, Ukraine  
    2009 Leuven International Short Film Festival,          Leuven, Belgium.  
    2009 Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, Bamberg,          Germany  
    2009 New York Short Film Festival, Brooklyn  
    2009 Cortopotere Short film Festival,          Bergamo, Italy  
    2009 L'Alterniva Independent Film Festival  
    2009 Opuzen Film Festival, Croatia  
  BE ME 2004 BFM @ ICA Leapfrog Shorts  
    2004 Bradford Film Festival- Closing Gala  
    2004 Talent Circle Super Shorts  
  FLORID   - Nominated - for Royal Television   Award
  SUNDAY 2010 London Short Film Festival Soho Shorts - Nominated - for Best Newcomer   (Director)
DOCUMENTARIES OPEN HEART 2007 Chicago Palestine Festival  
  (selected) 2007 Al Jazeera Film Festival  
    2007 Current TV UK and Europe  
    2007 DUTV Philadelphia, USA  
    2007 War and Peace touring Exhibition  
    2007 Stroud Visual Arts Festival  
    2007 The Big Screen Gathering, Somerset  
    2007 Toffi International Festival, Poland  
    2007 Rooftop Films, New York, USA  
    2007 Watershed Media Arts Centre, Bristol  
    2007 Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol  
    2007 Sheffield International Documentary Film          Festival  
    2007 London Palestinian Film Festival  
    2007 Curtocircutto Short Film Festival, Spain  
    2007 Sericicorto Forli International Film          Festival, Italy  
    2007 Sheffield International Film Festival  

2007 Tehran Short Film Festival

  AYLESBURY COMPOSITE 2007 The Beautiful South Festival- BFI  

2007 Camberwell Arts Festival

2012 Short Amsterdam Film Festival - Winner - Special Jury Prize, World   Cinema
    2012 East End Film Festival London In Competition
    2012 FEST International Film Festival, Portugal In Competition
    2012 Parnu Documentary and Anthropology          Film Festival  
    2012 Cannes Short Film Corner  
    2012 TISFF Iran  
    2012 Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012 In Competition
    2012 Ethnofest Athens  
    2012 Montenegro Film Festival In Competition
    British Council Selection  
    V&A Gellery ‘TakeOverShow’ 2013  
    2013 Bornshorts In Competition
  THE UK GOLD 2013 East End Film Festival- Opening Gala - Winner- Best Documentary
PROMOS KIDS/ THE CONCRETES 2007 Edinburgh International Film Festival  
  TRENCHER / MOUTH TO ANUS 51st Times BFI London International Film Festival 2007  
OTHER L2K   - Winner - of the General Education   non Broadcast Award